Digital Cameras & Software

Lucia FISH



  • Automated FISH Image Acquisition
  • True or False Color Display
  • Image enhancements and Annotations
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)


  • Control of all motorized parts of the microscope and its accessories
  • Image acquisition settings saved per fluorescent probe set
  • Eye-piece observation filter per fluorescent probe set
  • During the acquisition, each image component is associated with a probe and obtains its name and display color
  • The name and color of the components can be changed later, the information is stored with the image.
  • True (real) or false (pseudo) color display can be achieved by assigning appropriate colors to each image component
  • Easy per component contrast enhancement can be done by specifying part of the “background” in the image
  • Delete unwanted object with a simple eraser